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U.S.C.G Licensed and Insured

Trout Charters

Trout charters are lots of fun and if you hit it just right, you can be catching fish as fast as you can bait the hook! Our sport fishing charters can take you to fish in the flats, around bridges, or even up creeks and canals.

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Trout Charter Fishing

There are some big trout in these waters! They regularly grow to 28 inches, and can weigh five pounds or more. This is a fun fish to catch! When you come upon a school of trout, you will be hooking fish out of the water just as fast as you can get the line back in. Our trout charters are not limited to one specific area. We have several reliable areas that are plentiful that we rotate between. The cool thing about trout fishing is, we usually stumble across bountiful schools while looking for other fish, too. If you are looking to get steady action on your line, call us today.

We catch trout all year long when sport fishing. It does not seem to matter to the trout whether the water is warm or cool. When other fish tend to retreat to warmer waters, our trout charters will keep catching big fish.Two Children On A Boat Looking At A Trout On A Charter Fishing Boat The season is legally open all year round, as well, so if you feel like fresh fish for dinner after your fishing charter, you will be able to keep the legal limit of four per angler. This fish has a great flavor and texture, and could be the perfect winter fillets for you. It is also a great fish to smoke to make dips and spreads. Why miss out on the fun? Book your trip with us!

A trout charter is a fun, active fishing trip that is perfect for families. The constant action will keep younger anglers attentions and pose lots of photo ops for parents. It is a great first charter for those looking to get their feet wet as novice fisherman. For looking to add a nice supplement to their family vacation, trout fishing is the perfect choice! And with ½ day options, it is just the right amount of time with children to keep them entertained and have fun! We will handle the bait and will put you on the fish to maximize your chances of catching bunches of fish. What a great additive to your vacation photo album. Call to inquire with our Captain what days we have available.

Trout Charter Company

The captain has been fishing in this area for over 35 years. You can rely on his knowledge and experience to make your trout charter a great one. Licensed by the Coast Guard, you can rest assured safety is always a priority. A great boat, great waters, great fish and a great captain: the only thing missing is you. Call to get that fishing trip on the calendar!

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We do trout charters in Tampa, Clearwater, St Petersburg and all areas in Tampa Bay.