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Tarpon Charters

Tarpon charters are among the most exciting water adventures you can find. Book one of our sport fishing charters to experience a fight with this ancient fish.

Tarpon Hooked On Line Jumping Out Of Water On A Fishing Charter Tampa BayEnjoy the fun and physical
Challenge of a Tarpon charter
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Tarpon Charter Adventures

If you think of yourself as a serious fisher and have never hooked into this tough salt water fish, you are missing out! When you hook into a full grown adult tarpon, you will have over 100 pounds of muscle on the other end of the line. If you have a juvenile on, you might be looking at twenty to thirty pounds. When we target the younger fish, we use lighter tackle, and you will be shocked at the fight these “little” guys will put up. The flash of silver under the water is something you will never forget. The brighter flash of silver when he jumps might be something you never stop talking about. A tarpon charter could easily be one of the most exciting sport fishing memories you will ever have. Call the Captain today to book a charter.

We offer tarpon charters for these beautiful fish starting as early as March and as late as November. The peak months are usually during the summer. You will find that the months of May, June and July are great for the biggest fish. This is the time of year they migrate up and down the coast to spawn. The late summer months are when we target the smaller fish on lighter tackle more.Man On Fishing Charter Boat Holding A Tarpon The fish have returned from spawning and are enjoying the lush bounty. No matter when you choose to go on your tarpon charter, you can be sure of gorgeous waters both in the Bay and on the Gulf. There is no good reason to put it off any longer, let’s get you on the boat!

Sport fishing is the perfect way for a father and a son to bond. Actually, daughters love to spend time on a boat with dad, too. A summer vacation tarpon charter will not only be a lifelong memory, but is also the perfect way to get your youngster hooked on fishing. Hanging on for dear life while a giant, silver fish leaps from the water over and again is exactly why we all love fishing. Start building memories today!

Tarpon Charter Company

The captain is Coast Guard licensed so you can be sure of a safe fishing trip. He has also won multiple awards. With over 35 years of experience fishing this area, so you can be sure that he knows where to find fish. He has helped many clients land their first tarpon during a fishing charter, and has literally put thousands of fish in the boat over the years. You know you want to go on a tarpon charter, so why wait?

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We do tarpon charters in Tampa, Clearwater, St Petersburg and all areas in Tampa Bay.