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Snook Charters

Snook charters will leave you hungry for more fishing, no matter how many fish you catch. Our sport fishing charters go after these strong fish and will surely scratch your fishing itch.

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Snook Charter Fishing

This is an exciting fish to chase. Pound for pound, this is one of the best fighting fish out there. Long runs and several jumps are common when you are sport fishing for snook. They usually run between ten and fifteen pounds, but catching one up to thirty pounds is not uncommon. The Florida record is 44 pounds, and the world record is 53 pounds. The snook tends to be thicker in the shoulders than other fish, which leads to fillets that are quite meaty. Many people think of this as their favorite eating fish, as the taste is mild, but flavorful. Why not book your first snook charter right now?

This fish does not like cold water, so when the water temp gets around 60, our snook charters stop. The good news is the water only stays that cold around here for about two months. If you are looking for fillets, you have two months in the spring and three in the fall. We catch and release all summer long, which is a great time because the snook are spawning and schooled in large numbers. Your fishing charter is certain to be filled with action whenever you choose to come. Take a look at your calendar, tell us when you are coming, and we’ll get you booked!

Woman Holding A Snook On A Fishing CharterWe use a variety of artificial lures, and they can catch an awful lot of snook. However, we find that live bait is probably the better choice, to which we use several different types. You can be sure we know what the snook are feeding on to make your fishing charter an exciting time. There are fewer fish out there that are more exciting on light tackle to catch! The summer months provide solid fishing in the area. This is the perfect time to book a snook charter. Grab another couple, we do all the work and you have all the fun! Contact the Captain today to schedule your trip.

Snook Charter Company

The captain has been fishing locally for decades. He knows the ins and outs of where to find great fishing hot spots. When we take you out on a snook charter, you will be on the right boat in the right waters for a great time. Whether you come to see us during the season, or you come down for some catch and release fishing, we are sure that you will make memories that will last a life time. This state is the only state in the US where you can find snook, so make the most of water our beautiful waters have to offer, book your fishing trip today.

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We do snook charters in Tampa, Clearwater, St Petersburg and all areas in Tampa Bay.