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Shark Fishing

The excitement that goes with shark fishing pits man against man eater. For a thrill seeking adventure that will be certain to leave you with lasting memories, call us. We specialize in sport fishing charters and will be happy to book your next fishing trip!

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Shark Fishing in Clearwater

Shark fishing in Clearwater is one of the favorite spots for our customers. The crystal, clear water makes it easy to spot sharks. You can often see them from afar approaching your bait. Most often they glide by the side of your boast and strike the lure powerfully! The excitement is always an immediate rush. Landing the catch is still a challenge for the savviest fisherman. Besides the sport of shark fishing in Clearwater, shark is great for eating. We bring plenty of ice with us to get your dinner back to shore. We also make all of the preparations, including tackle and fishing licenses. Let us take the hassle out of it, you enjoy the memory! With ½ day, ¾ day, and full day options, we’ve got the right shark fishing in Clearwater adventure waiting, call us!

Shark Fishing Trips

Some of the best shark fishing in the Sunshine state is right here. Whether you are looking for a fun trip while on vacation, or you are a local looking to spice of your regular fishing trips, we can help. For many, shark fishing personifies adventure. Novice anglers always picture the deep open water, but our local Captain knows better. Here, this type of fishing is a sport and the sharks tend to be slightly smaller and are attracted to the shallows of the warm water. If you are considering stepping outside the box from traditional fishing, call us to book your next shark fishing trip!

Large bull sharks do trickle in during the spring, but they don’t stay long. They come inland to the upper bay, sometimes tipping scales at more than a hundred pounds.Shark Caught On A Fishing Charter Bull sharks never disappoint. They are plentiful in the shallow waters, full of fight, and always ready to follow the chum line.Keeping form and controlling your excitement is key! Once he bites, the gauntlet has been thrown and your challenge begins. They won’t make it easy to catch, but it is possible, and the victory sweet! We want to give you that lasting impression! Contact us to schedule a sport fishing charter.

In addition to bull sharks, black tips and bonnet heads are present in the year round, making this a great place for shark fishing. Known to be strong and resourceful when on a line, black tips are larger in size, usually three to five feet in length. Experienced fisherman will tell you the smaller bonnet head shark’s fight is similar to that of a large redfish. We take all of our customers shark fishing on a boat that was designed to navigate in shallow waters. Lighter, stronger, faster, and safer, our boat will provide the opportunity for you to make the perfect catch!

Shark fishing in Clearwater
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We do charter services for shark fishing in Tampa, Clearwater, St Petersburg and all areas in Tampa Bay.