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Fishing Reports

It’s time to adjust and switch to late summer fishing strategies. Now that we have reached the hottest time of the year, it would be wise to pick the coolest times of the day to fish. Early morning, late afternoon and night will be the most productive as well as comfortable time to plan your next angling adventure. Our late summer bait hatch has finally occurred and just about every predator will be gorging themselves on the tiny morsels.

It would be a good idea to have a small mesh bait net handy to ensure that most of the bait dumps out like it’s supposed to, and not stuck in every hole the net has. These small baits will grow up fast but for the time being bump down in hook and leader size so that they can still swim naturally. Read more August, 2009 Tampa Bay Fishing

July marks the beginning of our three month heat stretch here in the West Central Florida region. Calm muggy mornings, mid day heat hot enough to fry bacon, followed by afternoon and evening thunderstorms all may seem pretty disappointing. One thing that out weights all of that is the fact the inshore fishing here in Tampa Bay is just as sizzling hot.

There are many different fishing opportunities at various times of the day or night, making it easier to work around the weather. Bait is very easy to come by and if not a stop at a local bait shop for your basic essentials is all that’s needed to bend a rod. There are a lot of toothy critters swimming around the bay right now so having some heavier leader material or wire on board will greatly increase your rate of success. Read more July, 2009 Tampa Bay Fishing

Summer is upon us and the inshore fishing madness has already begun. This is the time of year when every type of angler can take advantage of the plentiful resource that’s right in our own back yard. This includes anglers fishing from shore, boat or wadding. No matter what your method is of getting a line wet, there are plenty of fish around to bend a rod.

The bait invasion is here and many of the flats in our area of the bay are filling up with sardines by the truck load. When the bait hits the flats like this it starts a feeding frenzy by a list of species such as Trout, Mackerel, shark and Cobia which have been showing up pretty regularly. This means that having the right tackle rigged and ready will increase your chances for a successful day on the water. Read more June Tampa Bay Fishing