Safety Harbor Fishing Charters

Safety Harbor fishing charters ply the waters that are like home to me, your guide, Captain Sean Tanner. I’ve been fishing these Upper Tampa Bay waters for nearly three decades. When the bite is on, you want to be on my Hewes Bayfisher 18 shallow water boat. Only a local can know the shallows, backcountry and other inland fishing spots teeming with tarpon, redfish, snook, shark and trout.

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The Upper Bay and the Bull Shark
The huge Bull Shark loves the warm, shallow waters I know so well in Upper Tampa Bay. You will find Bulls plentiful, full of fight, but always ready to approach our boat when we are chumming. Aboard Safety Harbor fishing charters you can see them coming from far off, watch them glide by the side of the boat, and have a clear view as they take the bait.

Tarpon love the shallows, too
And I love tarpon fishing! If you asked me to recommend only one fish in Tampa Bay to go after, it would probably be the tarpon. The fact is, two different times I’ve taken top prize in a Tarpon Round Up in these waters. That’s right! I still love the sport of fishing, so I love to be there when you nab your prize fish. I’ll help land it any way I can. And I know a few ways! A lot of people tell me they were glad I was the guy with them on Safety Harbor fishing charters.

The warm upper Bay inlets and flats are among the most bountiful fishing waters in Florida. They are also home to:

  • Redfish
  • Trout
  • Pompano
  • Snook
  • Cobia
  • Mackerel

The fish are here for the taking. All you need to bring is enthusiasm

On Safety Harbor fishing charters, we supply the tackle, fishing licenses, all the Coast Guard recommended safety gear, and even the ice.

And, we bring a passion for fishing
You have to have a picture of the big one that didn’t get away. I’ll take free digital pictures of you and your catch, and email them to you. I work hard to find the best spots for putting fish in the boat. I am fully licensed by the United States Coast Guard, and insured. You’ll find all Safety Harbor fishing charters put safety first.

You’ll be on a boat made specifically for this kind of fishing

The Hewes Bayfisher 18 has been called “the boat that invented the sport”. It is the best all around, light tackle shallow-water boat available, specifically designed for fishing inland and backwaters. Safety Harbor fishing charters are roomy enough for you and a couple of friends – and for getting your catch back to shore. These boats are light, strong, fast and safe and have smart fishing features designed in.

How long do you want to be on the water?
Safety Harbor Fishing Charters are available in half day, three-quarter day, and full eight hour day excursions. We provide both day and night fishing adventures. Early morning, late afternoon, and night fishing are the coolest hours during the hottest times of the year. Spring, summer and fall offer inshore fishing at its best, with different fish biting depending on the season. Part of my expertise is in knowing how to work around the weather. I make it my business to know when to take you out in comfort and safety.

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